Maine Community Colleges Struggling To Attract & Retain Qualified Instructors 

Maines community colleges are having a problem attracting and keeping skilled teachers. this according to community college instructors.Faculty from community colleges throughout the state were at the State House to lend support to a bill they say would help solve the problem.The measure would keep the salaries of community college employees out of the governor’s operating budget and shield it from lawmaker review.Community college representatives say that would let them pay qualified instructors more competitive wages, a luxury they don’t currently have. “At York County they’re looking to expand the a machine tool program but they’re going to pay the faculty member less than a student with an associates degree will make. This situation really has to change if the community college system is going to meet the challenges of the state,” said Community College President Charles Galemmo. Since 2008, enrollment at Maine’s community colleges has skyrocketed and, we’re told, revenues have grown by more than 40%, or nearly $50-million.