Madison Junior High School Proves It Has Heart 

In science classrooms all over the country, students are learning about the human heart, but Madison Junior High School works it into the curriculum in a more community oriented way”We decided, why not include the blood drive and the American Red Cross with what we teach in science for the cardiovascular system?,” said Eighth grade science teacher Kathy Bertini.On Tuesday, the junior high held a blood drive for the second year in a row.Instead of just giving out the usual cookie and juice after folks give blood, the students offered up some education.”We can inform the community more about the heart and they can learn about what we’re learning about, so they know about it too,” explained eighth grader Broc Campbell.In addition to what they learned about the cardiovascular system, the students also learned why blood drives like the one they put on are needed.Eighth grader Alison Dean said, “In order for them to get [blood], we should all try to pitch in and help.”