4-H Program Turns 100 Years Old 

The 4-H program turned 100 years old Tuesday.Currently there’s more than 2,000 Maine kids enrolled in 4-H and many more take advantage of the programs they offer.Tuesday in Augusta, a number of displays lined the Hall of Flags to help mark the occasion.Each display showed offered what the 4-H program is all about. Organizers say the 4-H program has come a long way over the years. “A lot of people think that 4-H is a program of the past. With livestock and country fairs. We still do that but we do a whole lot more,” said John Rebar, Executive Director of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service. “We do much more with science and robotics and camping programs, Operation Military Kids at helps children of deployed families. We do a lot of things that folks aren’t always aware of.”Governor LePage issued a proclamation recognizing the day.To learn more about the 4-h program, check out: