Teen Sentenced For String Of Burglaries In Exeter 

One of three teenagers accused in a string of break-ins in December was in court Monday.18-year-old Tyler Dean of Carmel pleaded guilty to all charges against him, was sentenced to four months in prison and will have to pay more than $3,000 in restitution.Dean was arrested along with 19-year-old Tyler Campbell, and a 17-year-old boy for home burglaries in Penobscot County, most of them in Exeter.Police determined the trio stole electronics, and guns from homes and vehicles in the area.”I think that the fact guns were involved raises the underlying sentence,” said District Attorney Chris Almy. “Normally in a case like this you might look at a sentence of two two and a half years but with guns involved we felt a sentence underlying sentence of three years was important.”Dean was sentenced to three years with all but 120 days suspended, he will be on probation for two years after he is released, and is to have no contact with the victims.According to the District Attorney, Campbell received a similar sentence last week when he was in court facing charges for the same crimes.