Local Teacher Takes Classroom Budget Fundraising Efforts Online 

Meetings, votes, budget cuts, shut downs. Those words are as now common in the world of education as reading, writing, and arithmetic. One teacher in our area is part of a movement to take classroom expenses from the local level online. “It’s been very tight so anything beyond the basics either we’ve had to get on our own or just have to wait until next year’s budget and see what happens,” said Corinna Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher, Sarah Glazier. “There’s still some things that maybe you don’t put in for the budget some extras that you know that you want but it’s a little hard to ask for the district, so you just kind of dip into your own pocket.” “I probably keep it kind of low maybe 50 or 100 dollars, I know teachers spend upwards of that because they want the materials so their students can have enough in the classroom to succeed.” There are many ways teachers can pay for those extras like dipping into their own pockets or applying for grants, or setting up a project at Donors Choose “Anyone can find any public school teachers project, and donate any amount,” said Glazier who wants hands-on science materials for her students in Corinna, and she has set a goal of $200, she also has another project in mind for the library which would benefit all the students in the school. “You ask anyone, friends, families, generous strangers, and you can donate as little as a dollar to 500 dollars, anything just to help out the students, it benefits the students.” She hopes the extras are what charges kids up about science as a possibility for their future. “That’s what I’m hoping is that you hook them now and gets them excited about science and math and then later on as they go through middle school and high school that they are excited to continue in hopefully a career in science or math because I think this is the time to get them hooked and get them excited so those materials are basically what I think matter at this time.”