Children Learn to Ice Fish in Brewer 

Kids got to try a favorite Pine Tree State winter tradition on Saturday.The Penobscot County Conservation Association held a children’s ice fishing day on its land in Brewer.In the fall, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife helped them fill the pond with trout to prepare for the event.”I caught one fish and I might catch one hundred,” said 5-year-old Keri, who attended the event with her father and grandfather.Organizers hope it will encourage kids to spend more time outside throughout the year.”Kids aren’t outdoors as much as they used to be and if you can get outdoors and you can enjoy this and all you have to do is look at the expressions on the child’s face when he catches that trout and that says everything,” said Tony Richard, President of the Penobscot County Conservation Association.The conservation association made pre-drilled holes and had already placed the traps to make it easier for kids to make a catch.