6-Year-Old Florida Girl has Wish Granted in Maine 

By the end of February, many of us are sick of winter weather, but for one six year old girl the snow is a wish come true.Sophia Galvan is from outside of Orlando, Florida and before now, she had only seen snow on TV. So when she had the opportunity to have a wish granted by Make-A-Wish, she only wanted one thing: to go somewhere where it snows and build a snowman. This week, her family flew from Florida to Maine and the snow welcomed them here.”She was like waving at the snow and stuff like that and she wanted, when we went to the hotel, she wanted to go out, and we weren’t ready. We said, ‘No, no, let’s hold on, let’s hold on,'” said Sophia’s father Victor Galvan.There’s a lot more than just snowman building planned for little Sophia’s wish, including a trip to Burgess Farm in Newport. The farm built several snow sculptures before Sophia’s arrival and planned time for a sleigh ride, sledding, and a hot chocolate tea party to warm up.”It’s been great the way the community’s come together for this wish,” said wish granter Brenda Gammon.Sophia has a form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, but she’s in remission now. She’s able to play, laugh and enjoy her wish.Gammon said, “It’s great to see through a kid’s eyes the snow again. You remember memories of when you were a child and how magical snow seems.”Sophia’s family knows this memory is one to treasure and their wish is to just to have more happy times as a family.Galvan said, “[The cancer] can come back, but we gotta be ready and we pray everyday that God never will take her away.”