StayCare: Part 2 

For first time parents, daycare can be a scary thing. Which is why the Director and Owner of the Children’s Village Childcare in Carmel, Danielle Smith said you need to trust who ever is watching over your loved one.”We do take great care of all the kids here. A lot of the kids love being here. We’re like a second moms to most of them because they’re here so long,” said Smith. Children’s Village Childcare is for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. The owner and her employees keep pretty busy during the week, about 40 kids come and go each day. Smith said “We’re staffed four to 5 everyday, depending on the number of kids that are in the building at certain times. So, lot’s of us.”Most of the 40 children are at the daycare full time, but the smiles on their faces show, this place is their home away from home. The owner said “Parents are so busy now a days, some kids don’t even leave until 5:30. To go home and cook a dinner like that takes a lot of time, to do homework and all that. So, the majority of them are getting that home-cooked meal at lunch which is nice. And the occasional pizza party.”Smith said she tries to keep her prices competitive, but she also understands most families will send more than one child to daycare. “Our most expensive age group is $125 right now. That includes all meals: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. All we do is cook some days,” the owner continued “They have usually an older toddler, 2-4, and then they have an infant to a one year old.”Which the employees can relate to, considering most of the employees here are mothers themselves. Smith said day care is special for the young children because it allows them to make friends. Most of these kids will be together all the way through High School, which the owner said is just an added bonus.All of the employees at the Carmel daycare center are certified in CPR and first aid. Smith said they go through about 30 hours of training a year.If you’d like to contact children’s village childcare you can give them a call at 848-0880.