Snow Just Right For Sculpting At Frost Fest In Bucksport 

This week folks in Bucksport are celebrating winter with Frost Fest.It’s a week long event the Bucksport Recreation Department and the Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce are holding for the first time.Indoor and outdoor activities are planned throughout the week.A magic show, ice skating, and an outdoor miniature golf course are some of the activities happening during the festival.Wednesday, kids and adults showed off their snow-sculpting skills.Teams were able to create anything they wanted. With passes to Hermon Mountain on the line, the teams pulled out all the stops.One team even recreated Winnie the Pooh.”I thought it would be simple because all you’d need was two snowballs, and arms, legs, and ears,” said sixth grader Brittney DeWitt.Other sculptures included a unicorn, a big fish, and a traditional snowman with a mohawk.”You’ve got a week long of vacation. We’ve got snow, beautiful weather. Get the kids out and about, and have fun in the weather, and in the snow, and something other than sitting at home,” said Christopher Grindle, one of the event organizers.You can find more information on Frost Fest and see the winners of the contest at