Senator King Questions Department of Labor Funding Cuts 

Senator Angus Kind wants to know why funding is being cut for job training in Maine.The Senator toured the Penobscot Job Corps Thursday afternoon. King said enrollment is down at the center because of a lack of funding.He wants to know way the Department of Labor couldn’t find other areas to cut funding, instead they are taking away job training for young people.The Independent Senator said, “We’re struggling with employment. We’re struggling to come out of the recession and at the same time I’m meeting with businesses who say they need new people, but they need to have the raining. So that’s why it strikes me as particularly problematic to be cutting off job training for young people across the country at the very time that we need trained people to full jobs that are open.”Sentor King also talked about a letter him and Senator Susan Collins submitted to President Obama on Thursday. In the letter, the Maine Senators urge Obama to reach an agreement to avoid sequestration and reduce the national debt.King said he’s aware there needs to be a deadline for the matter, but March 1st may be too soon. He wants to make sure when congress makes a decision on debt, it should be a decision that will have long-term, positive effects.