Bangor Police Detective Charged with OUI Resigns 

A Bangor police detective accused of driving drunk in a police cruiser has resigned.A police spokesperson says 39-year-old Erik Tall left the department January 4th. He’d been with the department for nearly 15 years and has been on unpaid leave since October 3rd when he was cited for operating under the influence. We’re told Tall was on duty at the time and his blood alcohol level was more than one-and-a-half times the legal limit. Tall’s pleaded not guilty to the charge. Sergeant Paul Edwards says there were two investigations launched – one into Tall’s alleged criminal activity, the other an internal affairs investigation. Tall quit before the internal investigation was complete and Edwards says that case is now closed. Tall is due back in court on the OUI charge next month.Edwards says when Tall quit, he received back pay from October until his last day on the job.