Bangor City Council to Discuss Resolve Supporting Gun Privacy Legislation 

Leaders in Bangor are calling for the state legislature to act on a bill that would permanently block the public release of information on concealed weapons permit holders. On Wednesday, the Government Operations Committee accepted a motion to direct city solicitor Norm Heitmann to draft a resolve that would show the city council’s support.The bill, proposed by Representative Corey Wilson, will go before state lawmakers this spring. There was no opposition to the proposed resolve, and some committee members believe it will be approved unanimously by the city council on February 25th. “I think in Bangor’s case we’ve done this based on what we feel is in the best interest in the safety of all citizens. Authorities certainly should have access to such lists, but to have the public at large and on the internet etc. is not in the best interest in the safety of the citizens of Bangor,” said Councilor David Nealley. Nealley also noted it is appropriate for the city to support the proposed legislation, because Bangor has one of only a few police department that issues those permits.