Senator Collins Speaks to Bangor Rotary Club 

Senator Susan Collins met with Mainers from the Bangor Rotary Club on Tuesday. She spoke about the current state of the economy and efforts to address the country’s mounting debt. Collins pointed out that if every American were to pay off an equal share of the $16.4 trillion deficit today, it would cost every man, woman, and child $52 thousand. The Republican is calling for swift, bipartisan reform to avoid sequestration: the automatic budget cuts that will slash $85 billion in spending if Congress doesn’t find a different solution before March 1st. “We have to distinguish between programs that are worthwhile and those that have outlived their usefulness or we simply can’t afford, not just cut across the board in a meat ax way,” said Senator Collins. Senator Collins also criticized the president, saying she is disappointed that he hasn’t taken a greater leadership role on an issue that she believes his legacy depends on.