Local Kids Donate to Bangor Humane Society 

A special visitor stopped by the Good Samaritan Agency’s childcare on Tuesday. ” They met Rupert at the door and they all put their hands out and let him smell and lick them,” described Devin Hopkins, head teacher of the Leaping Lizards classroom. Rupert comes from the Bangor Humane Society. ” I think some of our biggest supporters are kids out in the community,” said Stacey Coventry, public relations manager with the Bangor Humane Society. One of the recent themes in the Leaping Lizards class was pets, so the teacher decided to do a pet supply drive. ” We thought it would be a good idea to collect different things that we could donate to the Bangor Humane Society,” explained Hopkins. Everyone in the building ended up getting involved, leading to a big donation. The goal of the drive is to teach kids a life lesson. ” For them to be kind and gentle and loving,” said Hopkins. ” When you do a good deed you’re rewarded. Whether it be with puppy kisses of just a good feeling inside,” added Coventry. For these kids, they definitely got some puppy love.