Kids Learn to Sing and Dance at February Vacation Camp 

A group of local kids are spending their school February vacation learning in a different setting.”We’re practicing the song, then we’re going to learn a dance and we’re going to perform it for our parents,” said 13-year-old Travis from Clifton.The Penobscot Theatre Company is holding a February Vacation Camp this week. Each day focuses on a different aspect of theater. Tuesday was musical theater day, which meant a lot of singing and a lot of dancing.Even at a young age, these kids know they have talent.Emma, an 8-year-old camper from Winterport, said, “Pretty much everything theater to me is fun.””It’s a great way to figure out what you’re good at,” explained 10-year-old Raiya of Ellsworth.Their camp instructors can relate to that feeling of just being drawn to the stage.”When I was a kid, I liked to be a clown and kind of show off and my mom immediately put me into theater camp and I haven’t been the same since,” said teaching artist Brad LaBree.As more and more arts programs get cut from school budgets, the Penobscot Theatre’s education programs are helping to fill that void and giving all of those budding Broadway stars a chance to shine.LaBree said, “If they’re not able to find it in school, they can come to the theater.”The Penobscot Theatre is also holding children’s camps during April vacation and summer vacation. Visit to find out more.