Jonesport Beals Upset in Quarterfinals at the Basketball Tournament 

There are always a few upsets in the high school basketball post season. That’s why they play the games. But some top seeded teams don’t seem as though anyone can stop them.Lets check in on the defending champs from Jonesport Beals. They were up against number eight Easton. And how about those Easton Bears…. the long shot. Hunter Turner gets the bucket on the followup. He had 21.They actually led in the 2nd quarter and they kept the lead in the 2nd half.Garet Beal did all he could, He scored 38 on Monday, but somehow Easton found answers…. Logan Halvorson a freshman kept hitting bombs from the three point line. The mighty Easton Bears shocked undefeated Jonesport Beals 55-53.