Wendy’s Sign Destroyed in Storm 

Folks driving along Union Street in Bangor are seeing the effects of Mother Nature.The familiar Wendy’s sign in front of the restaurant is gone.General Manager Bill Lust says he got a call Sunday night from an employee, informing him the wind had blown out the sign.People were apparently chasing down some of the pieces so they wouldn’t go into the street.”This has been a tough sign,” says Lust. “It withheld the ice storm, and everything, no damage. It’s really been tough and really stood tall with the Wendy’s logo on it. And came in and it was kind of sad to see. We’ll have to get a new one. And so, the wind really did a number out here.”The bottom portion of the sign was not damaged by the wind.Ironically, that area was replaced after it was damaged in the ice storm.