Icy, Snowy Roads Remind Drivers To Get Their Vehicles Inspected 

At this point in the year, we’ve passed the 30-day grace period for any driver who still has an orange inspection sticker on his or her vehicle.”If we see that the sticker’s expired, we can stop a car and advise them of such and if need be, give them a ticket to reinforce the idea that they do need to take it seriously and have their car inspected and in safe working condition,” explained Sgt. Garry Higgins of the Bangor Police Department. Police say that fine would be more than $100.They say it’s a matter of safety, and on Maine roads during Maine winters it’s even more important. Inspectors make sure your vehicle can handle all sorts of conditions, including snowy and slippery roads.”If your shocks are bad, if your brakes are bad, if you have holes in your car, all of those things can lead to a pretty bad situation if you’re out there,” said Sgt. Higgins.Safety should be reason enough to get your vehicle inspected, but if nothing else, it’s the law.