UMA Bangor Celebrates “Give Kids a Smile Day” 

The dentist chairs at the University of Maine at Augusta – Bangor campus College center were packed on Friday.Associate Dental Professor at UMA Bangor, Nancy Foster said “We are providing cleanings, x-rays, sealants, fluoride treatments and we have three volunteer dentist here this morning providing fillings.”It’s part of the office’s “Give Kids a Smile Day” held on Friday. It’s a time when children can receive dental care free of charge.”Cost is a barrier for many and most people don’t have dental insurance. They fall between the cracks and can’t afford to come, so it’s exciting we’re able to offer that,” said Foster.Part of the reason the campus is able to hold this annual event is because students on campus help out.Senior Dental Hygiene Student, Erica Hurd said “They’ve been pretty appreciative of everything we’ve been doing and we appreciate them coming in and giving us their time. It gives us experience, so I think it’s benefiting everybody.”Dental students work side by side with the volunteer dentist. It also prepares them for what working in a dental office is really like.”Usually we see one patient in the morning and afternoon, sometimes two depending on your schedule. So, it’s definitely fast pace today,” said Hurd. Between a free cleaning and a friendly environment, kids and their parents walk away happy. Foster said “A lot of the parents didn’t realize we were here. I call us one of Bangor’s best kept secrets.”If you’re looking for a dentist you can contact the Clinic, which is open from September-May, at 262-7872.