Bradley Among Small Towns Contracting For More Law Enforcement 

Two years ago, the town of Bradley found themselves dealing with the need for more frequent law enforcement.”We had some drug activity in town and we had some civil issues between neighbors that we were continually having to call either the sheriff’s department or state police on. The neighbors and the residents of the town just asked that we possibly try to do something,” said Melissa Doane, the Milo town manager.The town of Bradley found the best solution was to contract with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department.”There are two types of supplemental contracts: full-time and part-time,” said Sgt. Roy Peary of the Penobscot Sheriff’s Department.The town of Bradley opted for a part-time contract.Sgt. Peary is on his patrol through town, which is usually done in four hour increments. “In the vehicle, I was getting just the faint odor of marijuana, so after we took care him of, I just did a quick search of the vehicle and located a small blue pill that was inside a cellophane wrap and after running it through poison control, it came back as a type of morphine. I’ll go back and speak with him at the jail to find out of he has a prescription for that,” said Peary.Peary said this stop would have most likely resulted in a warning, but led to much more.”It’s a perfect example, as far as you know, what they’re paying for and what they’re trying to get out of a supplemental contract, where this is an opportunity doing a little four hour detail, and this is a really simple violation, just for an inspection sticker, the inspection sticker led to a lot more. You know just a little bit of patrol and presence in an area where you can focus it, you can get some good results out of it,” said Peary.