Bangor City Councilors Thank BDN for Withdrawing Request for Gun Owner Info 

Bangor city councilors are applauding the decision of the Bangor Daily News to withdraw their request for information on the state’s concealed weapons permit holders. On Friday, Councilors Pauline Civiello and David Nealley held a press conference on the steps of city hall. On the 25th, they say the council will discuss the issue of public disclosure on concealed weapons permit holders. Speaking on behalf of the council’s majority, they say, that information should remain private. “I believe that there are authorized personnel that should have the right and access to such records. I’m not sure it’s in the best interest for it to be exposed publicly and beyond that on the internet. I think this is as harmful actually for folks who don’t own weapons as it is for folks that do,” said Nealley. Nealley says the government operations committee may take up the issue before it goes to city council. Although the legality of access to concealed weapons permit holders is a state issue, he believes there’s enough support within the council to endorse a resolve that the state legislature block public access to that information.