Milo Residents Celebrate A Sweet Grand Opening 

It was day most Milo residents will never forget.”I was up at 3 o’clock in the morning or so and I heard the boom. It shook my house. Next thing I know, I hear the fire engines and this place was going,” said Robert Pelletier, a Milo resident.Fire devastated the town in September of 2008, taking out several businesses.The stretch of buildings that were destroyed used to be one of the first places you’d see when you got to town. Now, as part of the rebuilding process, the town is welcoming what might be their new ‘sweetheart.’ With kind words from community members, political leaders, and agencies that have helped make this place possible, the ribbon was cut for the grand opening of Elaine’s Café and Bakery.”I’m am so excited for the town of Milo because we started this business in a different location in 2006 and we started as a restaurant but the bakery was always my first love. So, when there was opportunity here to manufacture baked goods, I was all for it because this is what I really wanted to do,” said Elaine Poplin, the owner of Elaine’s Basket Cafe and Bakery.This building and this business are a symbol of the resilience the people of this community have. I was absolutely shocked when I first came here and heard from people about what they had been through,” said David Maynard, the Milo town manager.”The reconstruction of this block, was through a half million dollar grant from USDA rural development. As a result, you now see this block being revived. But you know, it isn’t just a physical reconstruction and rebuilding. Its an emotional rebuilding of Milo. It’s such a symbol of rebirth in a county that’s hard hit economically,” said Virginia Manuel, state director for the USDA rural development.”We needed something here. I’m glad they built something and Elaine’s a hard working woman,” said Pelletier. “It’s going to turn out to be one of the communities in the state that you need to watch,” said Maynard.