Maine’s Congressional Delegation React to State of the Union 

Senator Susan Collins says she’s concerned about president obama’s plan to pay off our debt.”Unfortunately, Congress and the President have missed several opportunities to enact a long-term plan to stabilize our debt, and instead we again face automatic cuts of nearly $1 trillion from defense and non-defense programs in the federal budget. This “meat-ax” approach would put our economy and national security in jeopardy and is the least responsible way to address our debt.” Congressman Mike Michaud said there are two things the president can do right now to improve maine’s economy without congressional approval.”He should work to level the playing field for American companies by taking action against unfair trade practices, such as the subsidized Canadian paper mill in Port Hawkesbury that is threatening our state’s pulp and paper industry. He should also order the Defense Department to comply with current law, which mandates that our military be supplied with uniforms made in America. This would support Maine jobs at businesses like New Balance.”U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree praised the president for addressing clean energy and gun violence in addition to the economy.