Middle School Artwork Brightens Hospital Cafeteria 

New tables and chairs plus some fresh paint have made a big difference in the look and feel of the Millinocket Regional Hospital cafeteria. Prior to these refurbishments, the space was looking a little drab.”The cafe was kind of tan and very unappealing and not bright when you come in. The tables were old and scratched,” explained Food Service Manager Rosalie Shaw.For a final touch, Shaw wanted to hang some local artwork. She had the idea to contact some budding artists at Medway Middle School.Art teacher Eliza Steadman said, “I really love having an opportunity where artwork can go into the community, because it’s some place where other people can enjoy it and that’s what art’s really all about.”Steadman’s two fifth grade art classes got to work in January.”We took construction paper, cut it up and tried to make 3-D shapes,” explained Devon Powers, a fifth grade student at Medway Middle School.The group got to see their artwork on display for the first time on Tuesday. It centers on fruit, so those dining at the cafeteria will be reminded to eat healthy. “I thought it was an awesome idea for people to come in everyday and see artwork of nutritious foods,” said fifth grader Kaylee Perreault.The cafeteria is now a much more pleasant place for employees to take a break.Shaw said, “They can step away from their desk or step away from the clinic and come and relax.”And for those visiting a loved one at the hospital, this artwork might be able to brighten an otherwise dark day.