Blizzard Damages Area Churches 

This weekend’s blizzard caused postponements, cancellations, delays and a number of accidents.The high winds were also destructive.The storm did decades worth of damage in Hampden.At some point during the storm, a window blew in, in the second floor youth room at the Hampden Highlands United Methodist Church causing major problems.”Which had caused the temperature upstairs to drop significantly, the room was full of snow and ice and it caused a pipe to rupture,” said Reeni Cipullo, the Associate Pastor of the Hampden Highlands United Methodist Church. “And the pipe on the second floor just went straight down and we had several inches of water on the second floor and on this floor and down in our basement where our heating system is we had about a foot and a half of water.”Most of the damage happened in the new addition that was just recently paid off now. Floors will have to be replaced, walls repaired, ceilings fixed. But Pastor Cipullo said they are insured.”We have to have a contractor come out and tell us specifically what needs to be done which walls will need to be demolished, there will be a little bit of demolition work, so exactly how long repairs will take we’re not sure, but we hope to get back into the building at full operation as soon as possible.”Other items in the church may not be as easily replaced.”A couple books from the early 1800’s that did have some water damage,” said Pastor Cipullo. “We do have a company coming out to look at restoring them and trying to salvage them hopefully they will be able to be repaired and continue to be part our library.” And the congregation in Hampden is not alone.Similar situations also reportedly caused damage at the First United Methodist Churches in Brewer and Orrington. For the time being services will be held at the Ellingwoods Corner United Methodist Church in Winterport.If you’d like to volunteer to help with the clean up efforts in Hampden you can contact them by calling 862-4195 or you can email [email protected] can also find them on facebook.