8th Graders Making High School Decision Attend Brewer’s Step Up Day 

It’s only February, but many eighth graders are already thinking about the next school year. That’s because they have to decide which high school to attend.Around 280 of those students packed the halls at Brewer High School on Monday for Brewer’s Step Up Day.Principal David Wall said students can, “Come and tour Brewer High School, get to meet some of our students, get to meet some of our teachers, see what our building’s about.”The eighth graders from middle schools in Holbrook, Veazie, Orrington, and other towns are in the process of making a hard decision.To make it easier for the students, many high schools organize “Step Up” days like this one where students can learn more about the school.”We saw the outdoor ed room, the junior ROTC, the art and pretty much all the rooms,” explained Hunter Woodruff, an eighth grader at Brewer Middle School.Current students were the tour guides and they answered questions about some deciding factors.”What classes and how good their after school activities are and who I know and how I think I’ll fit in,” said Center Drive School student Jazzy Watson, explaining what she’s looking for as she tours different high schools.It may feel like a field trip, but it’s really just a fun way to help them make an important decision.”Every school’s different and kids are looking for that unique place maybe that fits them more so than maybe another place would,” said Wall.The hope is by the end of the day, the students will have a better idea of where they’d like to spend the next four years.