Hermon Mountain Welcomes Post-Blizzard Crowds 

At Hermon Mountain, Saturday’s blizzard was a blessing.”I bought a lottery ticket on [January] 31st. I didn’t win, but I guess I did because here it is,” said Bill Whitcomb, owner and manager at Hermon Mountain.Around 20 inches of snow hit the trails this weekend and on Sunday, skiers and snowboarders were eager to do the same.”This is what everybody’s been looking forward to. It’s why we live in Maine,” said Shawn Smith of Dixmont, who was teaching his granddaughter to ski on Sunday.Whitcomb said, “The rental shop, maybe only a third of the equipment’s out, which means that all of these people are people that are skiers and snowboarders that have been kind of waiting, and now finally it’s here.”The staff at Hermon Mountain knew the slopes would be packed once Mainers dug themselves out, so they spent all of Friday night and all of Saturday packing the snow and getting it ready for the crowds.It’s certainly appreciated after last year’s mild winter.”At least for Hermon Mountain, it was the worst one we actually had on our records,” said Whitcomb.He’s hoping this blizzard will keep the crowds coming for the rest of the season.Whitcomb said, “What’s going to happen is, it’s going to stay white in everybody’s dooryard and that’s really the key.”