Bangor Digs Out After Blizzard 

Record snowfall in Maine resulted in the obvious… Digging out.”It’s been a busy day, the wind blow has been giving us a bit if trouble.. Drifting the roads back in, we plow them and they’re drifted back overdo we’ve been concentrating in the main drags, keeping them open and going back and getting the side roads when we cabin between,” said Matthew Oakes, a foreman Bangor Public Works.Keeping the roads clear wasn’t the only tough job out there.”This is my third time out today each time I come out its like I wasn’t out here before. Shoveling, warmup, dry-off, come out and do it again,” said Jeremy Candage, a Bangor resident.”When I first got up, I saw these big piles of snow in the front yard and when I went and it was like a big wave, I couldn’t even stand up in it, the snow was probably up,to my waist,” said 8-year-old Griffin ChabeSometimes it’s fun to simply, just dig.”I’ve been outside and I’ve been trying to make these caves or forts and I finally made a tunnel that was successful and didn’t break,” said Chabe.Once people were able to get themselves unburied, some were even brave enough to enjoy it.”I think we’re going to go sledding and take her to the dog park so she can just run around by herself,” said Tomi peterson, a Bangor resident.Many folks around here are glad to see things looking like winter again.”I think we’re making up for last years shortage of snowfall but its winter in Maine,” said Candage.