Transportation Tricky In Bangor As Winter Storm Hits Northeast 

With the storm already pounding the East Coast, logistics at Bangor International Airport have been a bit tricky.”Travel today is challenging. Delta has canceled he rest of their flights for today and we have two arriving flights, one from DC and one from Philly this afternoon. And then US Airways and Delta will be repositioning their aircraft, so, we’re really not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, but we think a lot flights will be cancelled, so, if you’re coming to the airport, call your airline first,” said Risteen Bahr, Public Information Officer at Bangor International Airport.They are prepared to help unexpected travelers.”The runways and the taxiways are open. Our operations talked to other regional airports this morning and told them that we would be ready for diversions as necessary,” said Bahr.As for ground transportation in town, they’ve been keeping a close eye on conditions.”Our operations in Concord are constantly monitoring the storm and keeping close touch with all the terminals and keeping us up to date on where the coaches are going, how far they are going, what runs are suspended and so forth,” said Tim McCann, Terminal Manager at Concord Trailways in Bangor.With the storm hitting larger hubs first, that has a major effect on their schedules.”Shutting down not just Boston, but also transportation out of Boston. Obviously we don’t want to go in there and drop people off that have no place to go afterwards, so, when they shut down in Boston, that impacts us,” said McCann.The same goes for Greyhound at Dysart’s in Hermon. They’ve grounded all busses.”I think they had it decided because there was so much snow in Boston, they had it pretty well decided last night that they weren’t going to have any buses. They’re thinking that tomorrow will be canceled. They don’t think they’re gouging to have any buses. They think they’ll probably get it resumed on Sunday, but they’re waiting to see on that,” said Tim Dysart, Vice President of Dysart’s.Throughout Friday, people seemed to be taking the weather in stride.”Travelers have been very patient. It is winter, it is Maine. This is the first big snowstorm that we’ve had. Everybody is prepared. Everybody has a little extra patience today,” said Bahr.