Brewer Restaurant Manager Accused of Harboring Illegal Aliens Closing Business 

A chinese restaurant that’s manager is accused of harboring illegal aliens to work there, is closing.Twin Super Buffet in Brewer will shut down on Monday, February 25th. The manager, Mei Ya Zhang, 28, reportedly told a federal agent that she knew employees she hired were in the US illegally and they lived at a so-called safe house in Brewer. A restaurant employee tells TV 5 they are closing the business because the lease is up. In November, 2011 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were at the Brewer restaurant. Since 2007, federal prosecutors have been investigating the owners of a number of chinese restaurants in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The Zhang organization is accused of hiring and harboring illegal aliens, lying on federal tax returns, and skimming millions of dollars in cash from its restaurants, which includes the Super China Buffet in Waterville.