Take This Job & Love It: U.S. Coast Guard, Part 2 

In part one Chelsey Anderson joined the U.S. Coast Guard in Jonesport for a training mission.In part two Chelsey trains on one of Jonesport’s most common calls, and we find out if she’s hired in this special edition of Take This Job & Love It.————Petty Officer Derrick Borel, U.S. Coast Guard- “The 25 coming alongside us now. They’ll be simulating as our disabled vessel. We’re going to simulate that a boat is taking on water and sinking. We have an empty pump can on the back deck. That orange can for training it’s empty, so we’re not wearing our guys out. But if you look right behind it there’s a full one ready to go. It has a de-watering pump in there that pumps out 250 gallons per minute.””We are going to pass that pump can on the back deck. Get them started de-watering the pump and then we’re going to put them in a stern tow and tow them in to port. They’re rigging it up right now. They’re going to have 2 heaving lines.”Figeroa- “So we can attach it to the eyes and go ahead and get a line over to their boat.”I thought I would try my hand at throwing the line.Bena- “You’re not actually trying to toss the ball on the boat. You’re trying to throw it over the boat so they have some line to grab onto.” Chelsey- “Ok.””We have two attached right now, so someone will take the shot first and then if they make it that’s fine, but if your shot misses you’ll have the second as backup.””Drags good. Speeds good. Approaching optimum.””Take a shot.””As far as you can.” (grunt) “Line in the water. Go ahead and reel it in.”Agzigian- “At optimum. I have a shot. Heads up on the boat.” Bena- “Good.”Now the crew would send the pump over.Agzigian- “Drum’s at the water’s edge.” Borel- “Aye.”The drum would be sent over and when the disabled boat was finished with the pump the drum would be sent back over.Agzigian- “Pumps in the water’s edge. Pumps onboard.”Borel- “73-73-09. We’re going to do that again.”Once again, my line went in the water. Borel- “Alright Chelsey. You’re going to drive on this one. Proven you can’t throw. Let’s see if you can drive.” Chelsey- “I’ll give it a try.””Making the approach.””We want to be set up perfect before we send it. We’re good. Tell them to send it.” Chelsey- “Send it!” Borel- “Send it!” Bena- “Heads up on the boat!” Chelsey- “That was a good throw.””So now that we got the pump on the boat they are de-watering, everything is going good, we’re going to get ready to tow them to safe port.”I went back to the lower deck to help out. First we faked the line.Agzigian- “It just stops the knots and keeps the line.”And I decided to give throwing one last try. Third time’s a charm.”Oh yeah! It’s there.” “Yeah!”From there it was smooth sailing back to the pier. So, did I get the job?Borel- “It took you a little bit to get the heaving line down, but you got it! Your approaches were pretty good so a little bit of training and would have to lose the purple hat, purple boots, and sunglasses and you’d make a good Coast Guard coxswain.” Chelsey-” Thanks a lot! That’s exciting to hear!”————-Chelsey- “I’d like to thank those in the U.S. Coast Guard for the amazing job you do, and to the Jonesport station for letting me come out and train with you.One piece of trivia to leave you all with. You may have noticed on the back of the 47ft boat it said Jonesport, America instead of Jonesport, Maine. This is the only Coast Guard boat in America to do this. According to a retired Master Chief it was done back in the 70’s to distinguish the American boat when out in deep water, so it’s not confused with a Canadian vessel.”If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job & Love It email Chelsey at [email protected]