Cause Of House Fire In St. Albans Being Investigated 

Fire broke at a home in St. Albans late Thursday morining.”I was in Dexter and my wife called me and said she saw smoke coming out from the eaves and I basically told her to get out of the house with the animals and I came home and the fire was in the corner of the house by the garage,” said Darrell Gilbert, who rented the house with his wife.Firefighters from several towns helped the St. Albans Fire Department fight the blaze.”She had a very good head start. The whole back end was burned out mostly to the garage back there. We gained access to the front. We had a problem getting to the fire, it was up in the attic. Once we got the ceiling torn down, then we had access to the flames. But, she had a good jump start on us. Of course, this wind today doesn’t help,” said Mark Stanley, the captain of the St. Albans Fire Department.Fire crews worked quickly to keep the flames from spreading.”I think we saved most of the building. The bottom structure is pretty good intact, but of course you can see the whole roof is down,” said Stanley.Gilbert and his wife are unsure what their next step will be. “I’m just upset about everything, because you lose everything. Now you have nothing. We lost her car that’s in the garage. But, everybody’s safe. That’s the main thing,” said Gilbert.The Fire Marshal’s Office has been called in to look for a cause.