Workforce and Economic Development Events Bring Maine Lawmakers to Bangor and Orono 

Some Maine lawmakers took a break from their usual routine in Augusta Wednesday and headed north.The legislature’s new Workforce and Economic Future Committee met for a public hearing at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor.They had the chance to hear from leaders throughout the local community about Maine’s economy and the skills gap that exists.”Our hopes are to get the best ideas from the business community, from the higher education community, and from the workers, about how we can work together to put Maine on the map globally,” said Democratic Representative Seth Berry of Bowdoinham.”This is an ongoing conversation. It’s one that business leaders demand. It’s one that workers demand, so we have to come together, democrats, republicans, and we’re all committed to it,” said Democratic Senator Seth Goodall of Richmond.Lawmakers also got a chance to tour the Advanced Manufacturing Center at the University of Maine in Orono before the hearing.