Unity College Career Fair Adds New Features 

Unity College hosted its annual Environmental Career Fair on Wednesday. There were some popular new features at this year’s event. Nicole Monkiewics loves her job. ” It takes a lot of passion to love cleaning poop on a daily basis,” said Monkiewics with a smile. She’s the curator of animals at the W.I.L.D Center and Zoological Park of New England, and she’s showing off her animals at Unity College. ” I graduated in 2008 and I was in the captive wildlife program and because I was an alum in that program, I wanted to come here because now I do the same job I was dreaming of doing and I wanted to talk to some kids that wanna do what I do,” said Monkiewics. It’s the first time exotic animals have been at the fair and it’s a big hit. ” I want to be a keeper,” said Cory Thompson, a freshman at Unity College. ” We’ve had a lot of traffic coming by our booth. It’s pretty exciting,” explained Monkiewics. Something else that’s new this year is virtual vendors. About 60 employers were physically at Unity College, but some joined via Skype. ” Especially when budgets are tight, it allows for students to connect with vendors from further away as well as agencies that can’t afford the travel expenses to come and meet with our students,” said Nicole Collins, career counselor at the school. ” It’s great because companies that can’t be here, but you’re really interested in, you can still talk to them,” added Megan Orchard, a freshman at Unity College. The new features add to the overall experience of the fair. ” When they see what they could actually get into working with, it makes it more exciting,” said Monkiewics. Monkiewics hopes the students at this career fair land the job of their dreams, just like she did.