Take This Job & Love It: U.S. Coast Guard, Part 1 

In this special addition of Take This Job & Love It Chelsey Anderson went to Jonesport. There she teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard. Well, not officially. Chelsey joined them for their daily training mission to see if she had a future answering the call.————-Petty Officer Derrick Borel, U.S. Coast Guard- “Got the A team here. Passer Nielsen, Bond, and Lenkiewicz will be on the 25ft boat, and myself, Bena, Figeroa and Agzigian will be on the 47 with you guys.”Before each mission the team takes a risk assessment before heading out. Scores between zero and sixty are given. “Everybody gets an opinion, a voice, and everybody shouts out a number what they feel that risk could be and we take the highest number. Add it all up and that’s where we get the end.We were headed out to Wahoa Bay and it was a pretty mild day. Scores came in at sixteen and fifteen. Both safely in the green.”We’re good to go with our mission.”We suited up and headed to the boats.”We always check and make sure our radar is working. It’s on and we have a route right here. So we’re going to go straight out right here and then the green line is the next route we’re going to be on.””Go four! Go one! Go ahead and jump in the seat. This works just like any car except you don’t have brakes.” Chelsey- “Okay.””If you turn that way you’re going to go that way. If you turn that way you’re going to go that way. This is your throttles. Right here. You want to faster you bring them up. You want to stop you bring it to neutral, and you bring it to reverse. And it gets the props spinning in reverse and you stop. We’re going to steer right for that red buoy.””When we get there we want that red buoy on our starboard side or your (in unison) right side. Whenever you want to you can start pushing both of those up. We’ll start gaining speed. We’re coming up on speed!” Crew- “Aye.””Faster, faster.” Chelsey- “Uh-oh. I forgot to steer too!” Borel- “Yep. You have to steer too. Little more, little more. More. Right there.”Borel checked the track line and I was right on target at 19 knots.”Like a professional. Almost every time we train we do some sort of overboard drill. We’ll throw the lifelike dummy over the side. Simulate one of our crew members and we’ll do a pick up. Bena you just stay up forward there. Chunk Oscar.””Man overboard! Man overboard!” “Starboard side pick up.” Crew- “Aye.””Keep coming around. You can give him a little more juice if you want to. Until you get your bow right on him.””So we’re lined up right there alright. Right on him.””And we’ll stay right here. He’s going to come right down over the hull. Little shot of stern to stop our wave.” Chelsey- “So even though it looks like we are running him over…” Borel- “You’re not.”Crew- “Got him!””Bring him aboard.””Man on board. Checking CID.””A successful man overboard pickup. Good job.”And although the U.S. Coast Guard has a serious job to do, they are big family who enjoy their jobs and like to have fun too. They’ve even come up with their own theme song.”We like to do coming up the pier all the time. I need a hero! (air guitar solo) I need a hero to the end of the night! And that’s it…” (laughter)——————Chelsey- “As you can see, the Jonesport station plays hard, but works harder, and that can lead to quite an appetite! Good thing they’ve got a great chef! They treated us to a meal there and it’s like nothing you can believe. So good!Tomorrow, we’re back to work. I’ll try my hand at helping a disabled vessel, and you’ll find out if I’m hired or fired.If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at [email protected]