National Weatherperson’s Day 

It’s always nice to be recognized for what you do. Here at TV 5, we’re patting our meteorologists on the back. It’s not easy to be a weather guy or girl. ” It’s one of those jobs that I’m sure is a lot harder than it seems,” said Jeremiah Gorman. It’s tough, but someone has to do it. ” Maine is extremely hard to forecast, so it really challenges us and make us work a lot as a team to try to figure out what’s going on with some of these bigger storms,” explained Todd Simcox. Here at WABI TV, our weather guys work hard, but they’re not miracle workers. ” There are people out there that I think believe we can flip a switch and the weather changes like that. I wish it were that easy,” said Simcox. Sometimes, even the best get it wrong, and boy do they hear about it. ” I wish I could be wrong all the time and still get paid,” said Chris Ewing, describing what some people say when they get a forecast wrong. ” Yeah, I mean, you hear that, and that gets a little old,” added Simcox. Even though some people get upset, most are a bit more understanding. ” I don’t get mad at the weatherman because it’s just not worth it,” said Emma Pope-Welch. In honor of weather people everywhere, Tuesday is National Weatherperson’s Day. ” I didn’t have a clue,” said Ewing. ” Had no idea. I found out during the morning show, Wayne Harvey mentioned it this morning,” added Simcox. We’re thankful for Todd, Chris, and Rob here at TV 5. ” I think it’s nice that we can all be nice to them on one particular day,” said Gibran Graham. ” They picked a rather cold day for it. It seems appropriate actually,” added Gorman. ” They’re important. We watch them every day to figure out what’s going on,” said Pope-Welch. We didn’t know what the perfect gift would be for our weather guys. ” No one brought us cake, or pancakes. It’s National Pancake Day, no one brought us pancakes,” said Simcox with a smile. We’re predicting a bigger celebration in the forecast for next year.