Game Wardens Reminding Mainers to Be Cautious on Ice 

Despite more frigid temperature recently, game wardens are reminding people to be cautious if they head out on the ice.The Maine Warden Service responded to eight calls of people or vehicles – from snowmobiles to trucks – going through ice over the weekend.Everyone survived.Warden David Georgia says the up and down weather means places that might normally have a solid ice pack may not be very thick right now. “Everybody should take when they venture out, whether it’s the first time or any time after maybe even a warm spell, should take an ice chisel and go out and pick their way out there and make sure the ice is safe.”Georgia says the Warden Service doesn’t like to tell people exactly how thick the ice should be before someone gets on it.Instead, study up on how much weight different ice packs can hold and use your best judgment. The general rule of thumb is that if the ice is two inches or less, stay off it.