EMDC in Bangor Hosts Seminar For Business Owners on Affordable Care Act 

Eastern Maine Development Corporation hosted a free seminar Tuesday morning on the Affordable Care Act.It was chance to educate business owners about the law and what they need to know before it takes effect next year.Many businesses in Maine are small businesses. Many employers are concerned about how the law will affect their businesses and employees.”It puts challenges in front of us financially. It increases our overhead, so it is challenging that way. The plan is good, in that it is offering coverage’s that are necessary and needed, but it leaves me unresolved in the area of financial overhead and how those things are to be covered,” said Stephen Hall, the chief development officer at NDC Communications.”It’s really those underlying health costs and the quality of that health care that’s gouging to be the long-term solution to these problems. We need to do more with the same resources or less resources. We can’t face the continuing price hikes and the law takes some steps to start to address that,” said Mitchell Stein, the policy director for Consumers for Affordable Health Care.If you’d like more information about the Affordable Care Act, you can log onto