Glenburn Man Sentenced to 18 Months for Unlawful Sexual Contact Charges 

A Glenburn man pleaded guilty on Monday to molesting two young girls.In a deal struck with prosecutors, 30-year-old Daniel Severance will serve 18 months in jail followed by 12 years of probation.He initially faced gross sexual assault charges, which have a basic sentence of 20 years, but in the plea deal he admitted to six unlawful sexual contact charges.Outside of court, his defense attorney Stephen Smith said agreements like the one will be tougher to reach now that the basic sentence for gross sexual assault charges has been increased.”It simply forces defendants into taking these cases to trial. And marginal cases will go to trial and unfortunately, young children will be put on the stand,” he said.The fact that Severance took responsibility for the crimes and avoided trial was taken into consideration during sentencing.He’ll be listed as a sex offender for life.