Behind-the-Scenes at Bangor International Airport 

It takes a lot of people and machines to keep Bangor International Airport on time and safe. TV 5’s Carolyn Callahan got a behind-the-scenes look at some of the action. Tony Caruso is Bangor’s airport director, he knows what it takes to keep the place running.” It really is sort of a well-oiled system,” said Caruso. Bangor International Airport does things a bit different than some other places. ” Bangor has been in the ground handling business for over 40 years. It’s something that we’re starting to see some other airports kind of follow that trend a little bit,” explained Caruso. Kevin Kipler is the ramp services manager at the airport. He and his crew stay pretty busy. ” Fueling, de-icing, lavatory service, any type of services that require the ground operators handling it. Downloading bags, things like that,” explained Kipler. Fueling is a big part of keeping things on-time at the airport. On a daily basis, they could put out about 100,000 gallons of fuel. ” A lot of aircraft come from overseas, primarily over the Atlantic, land here, clear customs, get some gas. We’ll get rid of garbage on board and then they are off and out within 30 minutes,” said Kipler. The ground support shop plays a major role in keeping Bangor International Airport running. ” You really never know what’s going to happen when you come in,” said Randy Canarr, ground support shop supervisor. ” I’ve been spinning wrenches since I was 13, ya know, so it’s actually good. I like it.” The guys in the shop do a lot of fixing, especially in the winter. ” If equipment’s not running, they’re not going to be able to use it on the airplane and the airplane could take a delay or just not get serviced at all,” explained Canarr. When the temperatures drop, a lot of snow removal and de-icing happens at the airport. BIA has three de-icers. ” We’ve had times when two out of three are broken and everyone is screaming for de-icing. That’s when it gets a little crazy,” said Canarr. IN 1958 the airport expanded its runway to accommodate B52 bombers. ” 11,440 feet long and 1,000 foot over run on each side,” described Caruso. The runway expansion continues to help the airport today. ” Any commercial aircraft that’s in service today or military, we can handle here,” said Caruso. Commercial, private, corporate, and military flights all make stops in Bangor. ” A number of the foreign military that might transit through here and we haven’t seen it yet, but I think it’s just a matter of time, there’s a new airbus, the A-380, that’s out there,” said Caruso. From check-in to departure the people behind-the-scenes at Bangor International Airport are working to keep passengers safe and happy. ” We hear the compliments from our customers. We get to see them face to face and they say, oh, ya know what, we were in Bangor the other day and that stop was quicker than the last time we were in there. We hear that all the time. It’s great feedback from our customers,” explained Kipler. ” The guys are good, the shop’s good. That’s half the battle right there,” added Canarr. It’s hard work that Caruso says doesn’t go unnoticed. ” We’ve got great personnel, they are very skilled, professional at what they do. We’ve got great equipment. We’ve been able to manage that runway and keep it open 24/7, and that’s certainly our claim to fame,” said Caruso. It’s a claim to fame that lots of people have a hand in. Bangor International Airport has 24 hour on field customs and border protection. To learn more about the airport, click here.