Hikers in Augusta Spend Super Bowl Sunday Outdoors 

The beauty of the outdoors is usually only seen through a TV screen on Super Bowl Sunday. But for some, a trip to the Viles Arboretum in Augusta is a game day tradition.”This is the third year of our neighborhood doing this,” said Karen Greenacre of Sidney, who attends with a group of neighbors.Every year, the arboretum opens its trails for what’s called the “Table Tour.” Folks get to tour the grounds and along the way stop at different tables, topped with delicious foods donated by local restaurants or made by staffers.”They have a lot of heirloom varieties that you don’t get to see in a lot of places,” said Jane Mackey of Gardiner.Because of the weather, this year they’re hiking the trails.Viles Arboretum Executive Director Mark DesMeules explained, “Normally in a normal winter people would be skiing and snowshoeing.”It’s a little disappointing for those who were hoping for snow, but there is one plus side.”It’s easier to get up to the food without snowshoes,” joked Nancy Voisine of Sidney.While they’re enjoying the outdoors and the food, they’re contributing to one of the arboretum’s biggest fundraisers of the year.”Not only do members come, but lots of people who have never been here before come and they say, ‘Wow,I’ve never sen this place before,'” said DesMeules.All of the events are wrapped up in time for folks to get home to watch the big game.For more information on arboretum events, click here.