Senator Susan Collins Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts 

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts of America, and troops here, are celebrating!Senator Susan Collins met up with the troops and taught them that being a girl scout means more than just cookies.”Girl Scouts is the premier organization in the world that is dedicated to just one thing, and that is building strong women,” said Collins.Strong women who are leaders. Collins says 70% of women currently in the Senate, were former girl scouts.”I very much expect that the Girl Scouts of today will be the leaders of tomorrow,” she said.In honor of this Centennial, Congress has issued a commemorative girl scout coin–an act that Collins sponsored.”I really want to see how it turns out,” said one scout.Profits from the coin will help preserve the birthplace of Girl Scouts founder, Juliette Low.The girls were happy to have their special guest, and thanked her with her favorite cookies.”We gave here caramel delights and thin mints.” “I thought it was really an honor to meet her and got to talk to her. I just thought it was really cool.” “I was really nervous. I was very excited to see her,” said some of the scouts.Collins says being a girl scout taught her lifelong lessons.”The emphasis on character, confidence, and courage are qualities that will last them their entire lives,” she said.A visit from the Senator gave the girls the confidence to follow their dreams.”She made us feel like, if there’s something we want to do when we’re older we could achieve it,” one scout said. Another scout said, “knowing that she was just like we are, it makes us feel like we can do anything.”