Students Head to a Frozen Lake for a New Experience 

A typical Friday in High School usually means papers and books, but for one group students, it’s more about ice and fishing on Phillips Lake in Dedham. A Physical Education Teacher at Orono High School, Chad Kirkpatrtick said “They do academics everyday, but we thought this would be a good opportunity to just get them out here and show them what people in Maine do in their free time.”It’s part of the International program at Orono High School. For the second year, students from all over the world got to experience the Maine outdoors.Kirkpatrick said “I’d like for them to experience some of the Maine sporting culture, which ice fishing is definitely a part of.”The students, many of whom have never seen a frozen lake, took to the ice for the first time. Patricia Gispert, a student from Barcelona, Spain said “I got a fish and I held it. It smells really bad, but it was a nice experience.”Some students got some lunch out of it. Holding the catch of the day, a 16 inch salmon, was a new experience for most. An exchange student from China, Xiaoxue “Michelle” Xiang said “I like eating them, but I don’t like touching them. It’s weird”While some of these students may never go Ice fishing again, many hope to come back to the Pine Tree State.”I want to experience a different type of life and study way. I really want to go to the college here,” said Xiang.