Volunteers Bring Truckloads of Snow to Newport Farm in Prep for Fundraising Event 

The lack of snow is a big problem for those trying to plan an event centered on winter weather.”Unfortunately the weather’s not cooperating, but we’ll make do,” said Jeremy Lucas, Volunteer Coordinator for the Pine Tree Society.Lucas and his team of organizers for the 40th annual Snowmobile Ride-In are making do by finding snow piles that haven’t melted yet. He said, “We were a little depressed come Monday and Tuesday when we saw the weather and the warm up coming, and so we got up here in the town of Newport and we scoured parking lots and we found plenty of snow.”Volunteers from local construction companies donated their time and equipment to take the snow from different parking lots by the truckload and bring them to Bradstreet Farm in Newport. They need this snow for the RaveX Outer Limits Freestyle Snowmobile Show on Saturday. It’s a new event for this year’s ride-in they’re really excited about.Their plan is to build a runway and a ramp from the snow for extreme snowmobile stunts.Lucas said, “I think it speaks very highly for the community of Newport to really come together to make sure this event really happens.”This event and others during the ride-in are part of a huge fundraiser for the Pine Tree Camp for adults and children with special needs.Lucas said, “We’ve always had an open door policy, so if somebody wants to come and attend camp and can’t financially afford it, we cover their tuition.”Because it’s all for a good cause, they’re not letting this rain instead of snow dampen their spirits.For a full schedule of events this weekend, click here.