Ellsworth Man Loses 120 Pounds Through Healthy Diet & Exercise 

Dennis Theriault of Ellsworth wanted to lose weight for one reason: his father passed away from heart disease at 56-years-old. Dennis was 44, the same age his father started having major health problems and he feared he was headed down that same path. Five years ago he began a lifelong weight loss journey. It took him a little more than a year to lose 120 lbs. He had no weight loss surgery and no weight loss drugs. He simply changed how he ate and increased his activity level. Those eating and exercising changes have opened a new world and a new passion for him. It’s believed that losing weight is hard and keeping it off is darn near impossible. Dennis and Jackie Conn from Weight Watchers joined Jim Morris on TV5 News at 5 to share his story and some strategies that support losing weight and keeping it off. Here is a typical evening meal and snacks for Dennis before he made his goal:- 3 or 4 Fried Hot dogs on Buttered Fried rolls smothered with sweet relish, mustard and sauteed onions- Most of a 8oz. bag of Potato chips w/dip- Large bowl of Ice Cream, maybe two- Followed later in the night by a snack before bed, usually something like cookies or candy.How Dennis met his goal: * Choose foods that are lower in fat, higher in protein and fiber for lasting satisfaction* Burn at least 2800 calories a week in physical activity* Set action goals even after reaching your weight goal