Bath Salts Bust in Hermon Leads Authorites to Ten Pounds of Drugs in Texas 

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department shed more light today on a big bath salts bust that unfolded over the last couple of weeks.On January 18th, they performed a routine bail check at the Hermon home of 53-year-old Leonard Wells and say they found eight pounds of the synthetic drug.Also at the New Boston Road residence was 29-year-old Steven Warren of Corinth.31-year-old Elizabeth Fuentes and 49-year-old Arthur Coy, both of Texas.All have been charged in the case.Investigators say another package containing ten pounds of bath salts was shipped to Texas.Maine authorities contacted police there.Police say they intercepted the package.”From my calculation, this was about 18 pounds of bath salts, which amounts to about 1.2 million dollars in seizure at street value and very, very significant. It’s a case that did not happen by accident. It wasn’t a matter of just, somebody stumbling in on an event. It was, what I call very, very good police work,” said Penobscot County Sheriff, Glenn Ross.Authorities say that the drugs originated in China.The sheriff’s department says there were many agencies involved in this case.