XNG Partnering with Dead River Company to Deliver Compressed Natural Gas 

It’s expensive to do business in Maine, in part because of heating and energy costs.”The need for competitive energy costs is a constant issue in the state of Maine,” said CEO & President of Dead River Company Bob MooreXpress Natural Gas, or XNG, believes its product is one way to get around the high price of oil and other fuel options. “For the foreseeable future, natural gas appears to be the best alternative,” said John Nahill, XNG CEO & President.XNG has a facility in Baileyville where they can take the gas right out of the pipeline and then compress it.”We compress it into large tubes that look like scuba tanks under high pressure. We truck that gas under high pressure to our customers and then we slowly regulate back down to low pressure and deliver it to them as if it were a pipeline,” explained Nahill.On Wednesday, XNG and Dead River Company announced a partnership between the two companies, so their compressed natural gas can reach more customers. XNG has been working with large industrial companies, but Dead River’s ideal clients would be small industrial and large commercial companies.”Hospitals, schools, large schools, perhaps industrial parks, smaller manufacturing facilities,” explained Moore.These companies would have to convert to natural gas burners, but they can expect that investment to pay off.Nahill said, “Our clients are seeing somewhere between 25 and 40 percent savings with paybacks of less than a year.”Though the current facility is in Baileyville, they’ll be able to deliver the compressed natural gas everywhere from northern Maine to western Massachusetts.