Old Town Animal Orphanage Goes Green 

The Old Town Animal Orphanage has been a staple in the community since 1990, and over the past few months the people of Old Town and Orono are making sure things are running smoothly.Public Works Director, City of Old Town, John Rouleau said “I was inspired by a young lady in the 8th grade in Old Town who decided to raise money for the animal orphanage.” In September, 8th grader Kassidy Harriman raised money for the shelter after an outbreak of scabies and ringworm closed the orphanage. Now all the animals are happy and healthy and it’s the shelter’s turn to give back.Co-Board President, Old Town Animal Orphanage, Lori Smart said “We want to start recycling. Obviously we go through a lot of cans, paper, and so forth. So that will help us and the town.”The Orphanage’s biggest change has to do with kitty litter. They’ve abandoned the original clay like substance and moved on to wood pellets – which they can burn and turn into energy. “They are using about 10 and a half tons per year. So, pellets are much lighter per cubic foot,” said Rouleau.The shelter currently has about 2 tons of wood pellets in storage. Not only are they using less pellets, they are also saving $1,000.Smart said “I know several people who use the wood pellets at home and it’s for the same reason. So, I think it’s a great situation all around, whether it’s individuals or at shelters.”Employees believe the cats see almost no difference between the litter and pellets. They also said the shelter will continue to new find ways to recycle around the shelter.The orphanage is also accepting donations. any animal supplies or even ripped bags of wood pellets are welcomed. You can stop by their building on airport road or call 827-8777.