Elliot Cutler Wants to Fix Maine’s Job Market 

Eliot Cutler has filed paperwork to run in the 2014 race for governor, but first he says he wants to fix Maine’s economy.Cutler came to Husson’s campus in Bangor on Wednesday morning with the Action Committee of 50 to discuss the job market. He said if Mainers want to add more jobs and stimulate the economy, we need to have a clear vision.The potential gubernatorial candidate said Bangor is an example of how the state should be managed. Cutler said additions like Waterfront Concerts and the new Arena in the Queen city is what will help Mainer’s get back on their feet. Cuter said, “The state of Maine is just going to get older, older, and older with higher and higher costs. We need to keep our kids here. We need to attract new, young blood in the state of Maine. When we do that, we’re going to make out economy spin faster and get out of this rut.”Some of Cutler’s ideas are to double Maine tourism by 2020 and to triple the state’s farming revenue.