RSU 19 Superintendent Considering 18-Day School Shutdown 

RSU 19’s superintendent is considering altering the school calendar to help get the district out of its financial crisis.Superintendent Gregory Potter told TV5 he plans to make one last attempt at a loan. Voters in the Newport area turned down a $3.6 million dollar loan back in November and voted “no” again to a $2.9 million dollar loan earlier this month.Potter proposed another $2.9 million dollar loan at the school district’s budget and finance committee meeting on Tuesday night. He also suggested a “winter shutdown” if voters turn down the loan for a third time.He said the shutdown would be for 18 school days from mid-March to mid-April. It would mean cancelling the school district’s April vacation and extending the school year until July 3.Potter said salaried employees would not be affected, but hourly employees wouldn’t be paid during the shutdown.He said this will give the district the chance to pay money owed to vendors.